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We are a team of professionals with long experience in managing organizations, entrepreneurship projects and consulting projects, who come from diverse disciplines and use a humanistic approach. Our work is carried out through a Gestalt-Systemic orientation, focusing on two blocks of intervention: accompaniment and training.

» Team development specialist, Coach, Gestalt therapist and entrepreneur, linked to the world of education and with extensive experience in team building.

» Postgraduate in Gestalt DO at Institut Gestalt DO (Barcelona): Development of organizations and systems. Vocational and executive coaching. Facilitation and consultancy to organizations with a Gestalt-Systemic approach. Conflict transformation.

» Accredited training in Gestalt therapy at the Gestalt Barcelona school, with a postgraduate degree in couples therapy.

Training in psychology of the enneatype of Claudio Naranjo.

» Certification as Coach Wingwave with Cora Besser under the model of the Siegmund Institut of Hamburg, Germany and with a specialization in sports coaching.

» Narrative Coaching Training at In Dialogue Leadership and Organizational Development, Copenhagen.

» Degree studies in psychology applied to organizations.

» Founder of ENDINS Transformation and development and Inmotion Creative training.

What I enjoy most about my job is being involved in the transformation processes of the people and organizations I work with.

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Anna Ferrer


Gestalt therapist and process facilitator

Linked to social and political movements, formed in a feminist perspective and restorative processes in tackling sexist aggression.
Tarined in:
» Gestalt Therapy by Gestalt Barcelona (2014)
» Gestalt in Organizations in the OD Program (Organizational Development Gestalt-Systemic Approach) (2015)
» Postgraduate The therapeutic relationship, with Cristina Nadal at Gestalt Barcelona (2017)
» Postgraduate The relationship with Luis Santiago Almazán at Gestalt Barcelona (2017)
» Introductory course in Psychoanalysis for therapists with Javier Arenas, organized by Paziencia (2021).
» Trained in Psychology of the Eneatypes with the SAT Program of the Claudio Naranjo Foundation (2022)

For me, silence is a context of stillness where the absence of noise makes reality perceived differently. A context that allows us to perceptually access another reality, more subtle, finer, deeper.

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Laia Alonso


Gestalt therapist and group facilitator

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