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Organizational Development

Our focus is on facilitating dialogue to create clarity and understanding and inspire transformation, development and growth among different team members and/or organizations.
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Our approach:

the Gestalt-Systemic approach to organizations

From the Gestalt approach we pay attention to what happens and we facilitate contact with the experience to be able to take responsibility for what everyone does.
Thus, through a learning process that stimulates the connection with reality, the identification of what is needed in the present is facilitated, in order to favor effective decision-making.
The Systemic approach, on the other hand, is aimed at providing creative responses based on interpersonal relationships within the organization.
The joint application of the two approaches, provides a better understanding of situations and optimizes the actions, processes and results of teams and organizations.
We address problems and conflicts as fundamental tools for the development and progress of the organization and the professionals who make it up.
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Our methodology

We use a collaborative and participatory methodology through experiential learning and reflection. Through specific designs to each need, we accompany the teams to find their own solution.
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What we offer

1 / Support services in:
  • Development of teams, organizations and systems
  • Participatory process consulting
  • Leadership support
  • Support for professional development and fulfillment
  • Conflict transformation
2 / Training services in:
  • Leadership
  • Development of organizations
  • Conflict transformation and mediation
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