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In endins we work to accompany individuals, groups and organizations in their processes of transformation, development and growth.

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We use a humanistic approach and our work is carried out through a Gestalt-Systemic orientation to explore and understand the experience of all the people and organizations we work with and adapt the tools and strategies to each specific need.

» Our vision

Our vision is to put the “spirit” of Gestalt therapy into practice, both in individual, groups and organizations work. This approach allows us to guide people and teams in self-knowledge and accompany them in decision-making from a careful and respectful perspective.

» Our mission

We aim to offer high quality support, consulting and training always taking into account the overall experience of the person and / or organization with whom we work.

» Our values

• Collaboration: we are aware that working together gives better results.

• Respect: we seek to create and maintain respectful relationships that recognize value and self-esteem.

• Authenticity: we are open, honest and ethical with ourselves and the people we work with.

• Positivity: we believe in the possibility of transformation and in the ability of people to live to the fullest.

• Diversity: we recognize and celebrate the value of diversity in our lives and the community.

• Quality: we remain committed to providing high quality services through lifelong learning, openness to feedback, innovation and reflective practice.

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